Design and Construction

Our technical preparation allows us to create unique spaces that reflect your needs and your budget.

I will explain our working system to you in five simple points:

  • Inspection and free consultation, with which we will highlight your needs;
  • Draft of the project and discussion with the customer to identify the final layout
  • Final project, three-dimensional setting, photo insertion and video to take a virtual walk in your garden before having created it.
  • Detailed estimate
  • Agreed planning for the execution of the works

YOU WILL BE AMAZED when your garden is transformed into an oasis of well-being and relax, because we will create balanced compositions according to Itten’s color theory (you will understand this concept only by meeting us), you will be able to walk barefoot on a perfect lawn, which will be the canvas green on which we will paint your garden.

Thanks to our approach, UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT from all operators in the sector, you will have an open-air lounge to enjoy from which you will no longer be able to separate.

Mr.Bulbo creates gardens considering them a real extension of the house, obsessively studying new materials and new solutions with an eye to eco-sustainability, in order to provide you with a product that will leave you speechless.

This allows us to offer you walkways, wooden floors, gazebos and heated verandas, water features, swimming pools and hydromassage tubs, stone creations, lighting, to have a garden that can be used 12 months a year and 24 hours a day.

You will be amazed!


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